A Fangirl Diary: It’s Always A Beautiful Time With NCT Dream

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Losing count of how many times NCT DREAM put fans on a trance sums up the experience at The Dream Show in Thailand!

NCT Dream made Thai NCTzens’ hearts flutter as they filled the Thunder Dome Arena with unraveled performances during their sold-out The Dream Show concert on December 1 and 2.

Seeing NCT Dream perform live was definitely worth traveling every mile. The super teenager group that has been breaking record put up remarkable performances for their first-ever concert tour.

Let’s recall some noteworthy moments that made every NCTzen in the concert venue gushed, blushed, and fell in love with the Dreamies even more.

A Formidable Introduction

As soon as the concert began, the arena went wild when the first beat of NCT Dream’s “Go” dropped. Revealing six boys in black and white outfits, they stunned the crowd with their impeccable powerful dance moves. Without a break, they danced to “Drippin’” followed by “119”.

The screams of every NCTzen enveloped the entire arena as the Dreamies performed each song with vigor and enthusiasm.

Every NCTzens’ Favorites

Of course, we could not get over at how NCT Dream fulfilled our wish when they performed their classic favorites.

We sang along to every word of NCT Dream’s debut single, “Chewing Gum,” and their first English track, “Fireflies.” We fought the urge to not shed a tear during the acoustic version of “Walk You Home,” and “Candle Light.”

Candle Light, Renjun focus

Posted by Nesthyne Eusebio on Sunday, 8 December 2019

And we also waved our light sticks to our heart’s content when they sang “My Page” and “Bye My First.”

The sea of green lights covered the venue as everyone started to sing their hearts out when the Dreamies serenaded us with “Beautiful Time.”

Teenagers are Supposed to Have Fun

And that’s exactly what NCT Dream did – they had fun! Throughout The Dream Show, the boys showed that they are enjoying every bit of their time on stage.

Jisung and Chenle’s adlibs during the end of NCT Dream’s B-side track, “Best Friend,” made us go awwww literally. The youngest members truly live up to the song as they playfully showcased their closeness.

Jisung and Chenle during Best Friends stage ?

Posted by Nesthyne Eusebio on Sunday, 8 December 2019

Jaemin and Jeno had their fair share of fun too! Being friends for seven years, Jeno and Jaemin’s friendship stood out. Jeno lightheartedly squished Jaemin’s cheeks while they sang “Dunk Shot”.

Jeno and Jaemin, the cuties ?

Posted by Nesthyne Eusebio on Sunday, 8 December 2019

Meanwhile, Haechan showed off his irresistible aegyo as Renjun showered fans with a lot of interactions. He constantly threw finger hearts that made us all swoon.

Heart-stopping, Chest Gripping Performances

At the sight of ever-so familiar beat of “My First and Last” it surrounded the arena with much energy. Coupled with NCT Dream’s maknae, Jisung’s, body popping, we all went wild. The song which earned a Triple Crown from The Show still continued to mesmerize everyone two years after its release.

Another jaw-dropping performance by SM’s youngest K-pop stars that made us smile from ear to ear was their live performance of their SM Station song (with English singer, Hrvy) “Don’t Need Your Love.”

But of course, the deafening screams of everyone inside the Thunder Dome pierced through everyone’s screams when NCT Dream performed “Boom.”

Boom NCT Dream

Posted by Nesthyne Eusebio on Sunday, 8 December 2019

From NCT Dream to NCTzens

The performances were already NCT Dream’s gift to us, fans, but they took the extra mile to make entertaining VCRs for us. One of the videos played during The Dream Show was what would the members of NCT Dream would look like after 50 years. They hilariously portrayed their future selves – with props, outfits, and beards!!!

But what warmed our hearts, even more, was when right after NCT Dream bid goodbye, a surprise video created by Jaemin was played. It was revealed to be shot and edited by Jaemin – all for the NCTzens.

We can’t reveal anything though, because it was strictly specified not take a photo nor video of it so you have to see it yourselves!

How will you be able to watch it?

NCT Dream will definitely announce the next stops for their The Dream Show tour! Who knows they will visit your country next?

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Photos: SM True Thailand and Nesthyne

Event covered by: Nesthyne

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