A Pink releases lively music video for ‘NoNoNo’

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A Pink has made a fresh and bright comeback with its latest music video NoNoNo. This is the first MV to feature only six members after Yookyung’s departure in April.

NoNoNo has a retro 90s sound complimented by a catchy chorus, giving it a sweet yet infectious vibe. The highlight of the choreography is the hip swing and the ‘layered member dance’, making fans wanting to get up and dance as well.

Throughout the video, there are subtle elements taken from previous music videos; from clothing to setting, most notably is the garden scenery, which is very reminiscent of its I Don’t Know MV. A Pink is seen having a lot of fun and getting up to cheeky antics even hosting their own little garden party!

Check out A Pink’s NoNoNo below:

[vsw id=”n3XJQtJWKJM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: (Video and Photo) A Cube Entertainment official Youtube

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