AB6IX Prepares For Absolute Beginning With Complete Individual Photo Teasers

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The absolute beginning of AB6IX is fast approaching – and their preparations show how they’re more than ready for it!

AB6IX gears up for the much-anticipated debut as one of the year’s “monster rookies” with their various individual photo teasers’ completion!

Photo from Brand New Music

Set to roar with the mini-album <B: COMPLETE> on May 22, the five-member group from Brand New Music started teasing fans with various photos, highlighting each of their individual charms.

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Leader Lim Young Min commenced the countdown with his set of teaser photos on May 6. Projecting power subtly through his eyes and aura, the rapper showed that he was born to be in charge.

Meanwhile, Jeon Woong slayed with his photos that showcased his new blonde hair on May 7, putting in more surprises for fans who await his arrival as the group’s newest face.

Kim Dong Hyun followed with his own set of tantalizing photos on May 8, showing his position as the group’s visual. Popping in vibrant colors, the singer stared fans down with a look that can make any single living being breathless.

Park Woo Jin also blew fans away with his swoon-worthy photos revealed on May 9. The rapper-dancer was as irresistible as ever in all of his three photos, as he played it cool with his strong presence and manly charms.

Finally, the group’s maknae Lee Daehwi wrapped up the first leg of teasers on May 10, with his striking stares and playful poses – all overflowing with his natural youthfulness.

After releasing individual photo teasers of the five members, the group will drop their album’s online cover artwork on May 14. It will be followed by their tracklist revelation on May 15, matched with an album preview the next day.