AB6IX Blows Fans Away In Unexpectedly Chill Debut Music Video With “Breathe”

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AB6IX has finally made their absolute beginning – and it’s something so unexpected yet so good!

From the powerful and intense-filled vibe that fans expected, AB6IX took the world by surprise as they debuted with a laidback bop in “Breathe”!

Screengrab from Brand New Music

With their company being one of the bests when it comes to producing hip hop tracks and their pre-released music video for “Hollywood” emanating power from every angle, the group was anticipated to make a strong arrival as re-debuted idols.

However, AB6IX selected a different path and different side of them to show, with their debut mini-album’s title track “Breathe” and its music video.

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Going for a chill and relaxed vibe, the group’s plan to give off an element of surprise for their absolute beginning actually worked well in terms of giving them a refreshing image. With the versatility they showcased, “Breathe” proved that there is so much more to watch out for from AB6IX.

In fact, its cool and relaxed vibe was able to give way for Daehwi, Woong, and Dong Hyun’s vocal prowess to shine. Additionally, Daehwi’s very catchy line “I wanna breathe, just set me free” was among the most noteworthy parts of the song.

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Woo Jin and Young Min were also able to take the spotlight with their rap verses easily sans the need for sudden beat drops, which showed off their natural talents.

Its music video also didn’t fall short in terms of aesthetics. However, its best element was the showcase of the group’s great choreography for the song. Their A+ dance skills are very eye-catching and prove their previous experiences as idols. Plus, that part where they danced under the rain? Remarkable!

AB6IX’s debut mini-album B: Complete dropped simultaneously with “Breathe” on May 22 at 6 PM KST.

Watch the music video for “Breathe” below: