AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi Pulls Off Unique Styles in Recent Arena Homme+ Pictorial

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Lee Dae Hwi really never fails to captivate fans with his wide-array of charms!

AB6IX’s charming maknae Lee Dae Hwi recently flaunted his stylish vibes in a recent solo pictorial with Arena Homme+ magazine.

The talented idol posed for the fashion magazine’s December issue. Showing great versatility, the idol donned various unconventional ensembles.

In the interview that followed, Dae Hwi expressed his satisfaction for being able to try out new things. “I’ve posed for a lot of pictorials during my career as an idol, but I’d always wanted to try a bold concept like this. I also boldly tried new hairstyles, makeup, and poses to look different from the usual Lee Dae Hwi,” he said.

Unbothered by the opinions of others, he then added: “Even if others think it’s strange or unfamiliar, I always want to challenge new things.”

Dae Hwi likewise shared his desire to establish his own vibe saying, “When it comes to a sexy concept, it would be nice if it could be felt as ‘just Lee Dae-hwi’ rather than the stipulated ‘masculine sexy’ or ‘feminine sexy’.”

“It’s 2020, right? I hope you see it with an open mind. My music, my stage, and even pictorials like this one,” he added.

Fans can see more fascinating photos and know more about Dae Hwi’s interview through the December issue of Arena Homme+.

Source and Photo Credits: Arena Homme+