ADORA To Make Her Anticipated Solo Debut With “MAKE U DANCE”

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ADORA will make a highly awaited solo debut with her first digital single, “MAKE U DANCE” featuring VIVIZ’s EUNHA.

ADORA will emerge as a solo artist with her debut single called, “MAKE U DANCE”. The singer-songwriter and producer amassed an incredible following through her musical talents, resulting in immense anticipation for her individual work. Making the debut project even more exciting is the collaboration with VIVIZ’s EUNHA for the single.

Their teamwork piqued fans’ curiosity regarding the synergy they will deliver.



“MAKE U DANCE” is a dance-pop genre that will delight listeners with its trendy sound. The contrasting chorus will craft a dark fairytale atmosphere. Through the song, ADORA will captivate fans around the world with an unmatched freshness.

EUNHA of VIVIZ added her own vocal charms as a featuring artist. Meanwhile, ADORA wrote, composed, and produced the song, displaying her all-around talents as an artist.

Regarding her debut, AURA Entertainment stated, “ADORA’s debut song, ‘MAKE U DANCE’ is a song that stands out for harmony and chemistry created with individuality that is clearly revealed through each part interpreted by the two artists. Please look forward to the collaboration between ADORA, who announced her new start as an artist, and EUNHA, who began her first activity since the formation of VIVIZ.”


ADORA already has an impressive discography as a producer and singer-songwriter for HYBE LABEL artists including BTS and TXT. The artist’s contributions elevate works such as “Spring Day” and “Not Today”.

Meanwhile, she will now show her talents as a solo artist through the mysterious and sensual sounds of “MAKE U DANCE”. Her debut single will release on various music platforms on November 5 at 6 PM KST. Additionally, the music video for the track will air on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel at the same time as the music source release.

Source: Herald POP

Image Source: AURA Entertainment