AKMU Reveals Album Title for June Comeback

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AKMU is gearing up for a June 3 comeback, and they’ve just revealed the concept for their new album.

On May 22, YG Entertainment shared an announcement titled AKMU – [LOVE EPISODE] on their official social media. The teaser, resembling an emotional oil painting, excited fans eagerly awaiting their return.

The teaser featured red hearts scattered across green fields and a blue sky, with a paper airplane spelling out the album title LOVE EPISODE as it flew by.

Fans noted that AKMU’s signature warm and heartfelt style was evident. Previous albums in the series, [SUMMER EPISODE] and [NEXT EPISODE], were praised for their unique musicality and thoughtful themes.

This new album, the third installment in the ‘EPISODE’ series, will focus on themes of love, as suggested by the title. YG Entertainment commented, “AKMU’s unique sensibility has captured a story that anyone can enjoy in a simple and comfortable way.”

Marking their 10th debut anniversary this year, AKMU will hold the 2024 AKMU 10th Anniversary Concert [10VE] at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Seoul, on June 15th and 16th.

They will also perform at Japan’s largest music festival, Summer Sonic 2024, in August.