AKMU Stays On Sweet Top Spot On Melon Chart

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Upon the release of Akmu’s latest single, it climbed up and stayed on the top for one week in a row.

Chanhyuk and Suhyun once again proved their worth as artists who can be trusted and listened to.

YG Entertainment announced on the 12th that AKMU’s fourth single title song “Love Lee” ranked first on the Melon Daily chart released on the same day.

After taking the top spot for the first time on September 6, it has been firmly maintaining the throne for the 7th day.

In addition, it swept first place on the Melon, Genie, and Bugs weekly charts (Sept 4 to 10). In particular, It has occupied Bugs’ first place on the weekly charts for three consecutive weeks, so it is expected that it will reign for a long time on the music charts as a popular pick.

The song “Fry’s Dream” is also at the top of the charts. On this day, it ranked 5th on the Melon daily chart, and reached 3rd and 7th place on the Bugs and Melon weekly charts (4th to 10th), respectively, monopolizing the love of listeners with a warm message of comfort that everyone can relate to.

AKMU is receiving favorable reviews for the siblings’ unique sensibility and lively music color through the fourth single “Love Lee” released on the 21st of last month.

The title song of the same name is a song with acoustic sounds, rhythmic drums, and sensuous vocals. Everyday and familiar subject matter was interpreted through AKMU’s unique perspective.