AOA Welcomes A “New Moon” Through Comeback Announcement

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This month, AOA is welcoming a “New Moon” in their careers by experimenting with brand new concepts.

November has been filled to the brim with exciting comebacks so far, and AOA is surely not missing out. The quintet took their fans by surprise as they released a stellar parade of concept photos, teasing their upcoming return to the music industry with fresh concepts and an even fresher sound.

Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi will be transforming into moon hunters with the release of their 6th mini album, NEW MOON, on November 26. FNC Entertainment announced their comeback by releasing two title posters featuring the titles of the mini album and the title track.

NEW MOON will be headlined by the track “Come See Me”, which expresses the warmth of the night. Their title track will explore AOA’s dreamier side, showcasing their elegant and powerful presence as a five-member group.

The concept for their mini album centers around moon hunters, who cannot escape or outwit the celestial object as their movements are constantly monitored. The songs in NEW MOON will relay the story of a group of moon hunters who are searching for freedom.

Given this concept, the girls will be showcasing two sides to their concept: “Aiming at MOON” and “Observed by MOON”. The first concept shows AOA dressed in all-black outfits, beaded and studded in order to highlight their strong yet elegant features. “Aiming at MOON” is pretty self-explanatory: it shows AOA as they hunt and aim to escape from the MOON.

Their second concept shows them through the eyes of the MOON, which conveys a rich atmosphere and mimicking the features of a CCTV feed. Contrary to the previous concept, “Observed by MOON” shows the girls doused in light, constantly being observed by the gaze of the MOON.

Source: iMBC Entertainment News, FNC Entertainment

Image Source: FNC Entertainment