Apink Is As Pretty As A Flower’s “Petal” In New MV

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With the group’s endless sweetness and adorableness, Apink is here to light up Pandas’ day!

On August 4, Apink surprised fans with a special treat of a music video for its song Petal. In the video, the members are seen having fun in a garden, looking absolutely stunning, and as pretty as the petals in their flower-printed dresses.

Petal is a song that expresses the thrills of the puppy loves, capturing the listeners’ hearts with its sweet melody.

Recently, Apink made its much anticipated comeback with the second album Pink Memory, proving its status as one of the biggest K-pop girl groups by taking several top spots on various music charts for the title track Remember.

The six-member girl group is scheduled to hold its second exclusive concert for two days, August 22 and 23, at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul.

Meanwhile, watch the MV below:


(Editing by Adrian Cheng)

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