Apink Previews Heart-Thumping Highlight Medley And Teaser Photos For “LOOK” Comeback

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Ready for the next lovely release from Apink?

Apink has previewed the addictive sounds of the songs from their upcoming mini-album LOOK, including its title track “Duhmdurum”.

apink look

Through an exciting highlight medley released on April 10, the group blessed fans with snippets of the rich song lineup on their ninth mini-album, which is set to be unveiled this April 13.

“Dumhdurum” is a dance song that contains the meaning of “my heart is calm in front of a departed love”. Previewed on the medley, its addictive chorus, melody, and Spanish yet Oriental sensibility capture Apink’s unique charm which foreshadows how this third hit from the girl group connects to their previous hits “I’m So Sick” and “%% “.

The highlight medley also gave a taste of the song “Yummy”, which is another dance song that expresses love in a sweet way. The unit songs “Be Myself” from Chorong, Eun Ji, and Nam Joo and “Love is Blind” from Bomi, Na Eun, and Ha Young’s “Love is Blind” were also featured in the preview.

Meanwhile, the b-side “Overwrite” is a ballad song that specifically describes how they are calm in the face of parting. Lastly, the tracks “I Love Every Moment With You”, which was released as a fan song for the group’s anniversary, as well as “Everybody Ready?”, which was unveiled last year, are also part of LOOK.

Prior to their highlight medley reveal, the members of Apink also showed their captivating individual charms through a series of colorful teasers released from April 7 to 9.

These teasers also showcased the album’s thematic message of “I love who I am, I will live what I see”.

Source: Sports Donga