ASTRO Goes “All Light” With Stunning Visuals In Latest Comeback

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ASTRO is back. The boys are planning to light up your world through their latest album, All Light.

ASTRO comes back with their first full-length album, All Light. According to the boys, the album is one that is full of wishes. They long to shine forever in the never-ending garden of eternity. They also implied that “It’s gonna be ‘All Light’ with ASTRO Light”.

The title track, “All Night”, boasts an addictive beat based on a minimalist piano melody. The song conveys the emotions of a man, who patiently waits all night for his lover’s arrival.

In addition, the title track was made with the help of LDN Noise. It had previously produced records and wrote songs for artists like Nick Jonas, Nathan Sykes and Chris Brown. It also had worked before with ASTRO for the production of “Crazy Sexy Cool”.

Bask at the visuals of “All Night” below:

Album Contents

All Light is ASTRO’s latest album after Rise Up. The boys have revealed their distinctive personality and showed remarkable maturity through this new album. It is also worth noting that their stages for this comeback is beautifully aesthetic.

The album itself contains 10 songs which the members contributed too.

“Starry Sky” starts off with an acoustic atmosphere, and changes gradually into EDM. “Moonwalk” is ASTRO’s take on urban R&B, with a heavy bass, groovy vocals and reminiscent atmosphere.

“Treasure” has a message about inevitable changes, while “Role Play” teases with sensual lyrics. The latter displays ASTRO’s mature appearance which is usually unseen.

“1 In A Million” is considered their dance pop track. For a pop ballad, they included “Love Wheel”. Diving into the genre of teen pop, Jinjin and Rocky wrote the confession song, “Heart Brew Love”.  The boys included “Merry-Go-Round”, which they wrote for their fans during the Christmas season. Jinjin wrote “Bloom” with the help of MJ and Rocky. The track is an emotional ballad combined with a stringed melody.

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