ASTRO Unravels Enthralling Universe In “Knock” Music Video Teaser For “GATEWAY” Comeback

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This captivatingly celestial treat from ASTRO will surely enter fans’ hearts in a snap!

ASTRO has unveiled the beguiling music video teaser for the lead track of their upcoming mini-album GATEWAY prior to its nearing release on May 4!

astro knock mv teaser

Starting the month in the most spellbinding way possible, the boy group shared a sneak peek at the heavenly music video that they have in store for their return with the song “Knock”.

The thirty-nine-second clip, which painted a bigger hint at the concept of the new mini-album, displayed a contrast of light and darkness in a distorted space. Upon its reveal on May 1, it created a dreamy atmosphere with its play on shadows, plus the group’s concept of another world.

Aside from showing their transcendently beautiful visuals, the group also previewed parts of their sharp and captivating choreography for “Knock”, making more excitement rise for their return.

The vibe in the music video teaser was also reflected on the concept trailer for “Knock”, which was previously revealed on April 29.

Every object shown in the clip, including the moon reflected in the still water and the stairs facing the moon, successfully stimulated viewers’ curiosity. Additionally, ASTRO being shown in a space where time flowed uniquely drew even more attention as it bore the concept of “TIME TRAVELER”, which was one of their album’s versions.

With this incorporation of the overall concept of their seventh mini-album, ASTRO further raised expectations for their comeback following these new set of teaser releases.

Source: Fantagio | Xportsnews

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