ASTRO Boys Look Heavenly In “Rise Up” Teaser Photos

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Rise and shine, Arohas! ASTRO has dropped their first set of teaser photos for Rise Up!

It sure feels like ASTRO has brought heaven to earth as they stun us with their comeback teaser photo set which made our hearts fly up to cloud nine!

After announcing their schedule for Rise Up on July 12, ASTRO shares the first set of teaser photos for their special mini-album. The photos present the theme of “blue sky” in relation to their comeback concept of being up in the air.

Astro comeback rise up mini-album teaser photos

Photos from Fantagio Music

Moonbin, Cha Eun Woo, Sanha, MJ, JinJin, and Rocky all look equally dashing and heavenly in the photo set shared by Fantagio on July 13.

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With a bold and minimalistic feel thanks to their simple black-and-white outfits which makes them stand out even more amidst the blue sky background, the concept photos give a different feel from the pastel ombre-themed official posters released by Fantagio Music earlier.

Astro comeback rise up mini-album concept photos

Photos from Fantagio Music

Following their previous comeback concepts where they put ASTRO Dream Store and ASTRO Drink as centers of attention, the boys will be introducing ASTRO Airlines to Arohas this time.

This explains the airy and sky-themed concepts of the group’s special mini-album which marks their comeback after “Crazy, Sxxy, Cool” on November 2017.

Astro blue sky concept photos

Photo from Fantagio

Based on the schedule posted by Fantagio Music, another set of photos is expected from ASTRO this July 14. This time around, it will showcase the concept of “sun rise” – and we’re more than excited to see how this theme plays out!

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The Rise Up special mini-album and ASTRO’s comeback music video will be released at 6pm KST, July 24.


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