ASTRO’s Third Fan Meeting In Seoul Is Now Officially Sold Out

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ASTRO has received a hot response from fans as their 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK] goes sold out!

Tickets for the 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK] sold like hotcakes – and as of January 31, the fan meeting event is officially fully-booked!

Photo from Fantagio Music

The group’s third fan meeting in Seoul officially became a sold-out event after fans scurried to score a chance to get up close to the boys this March!

“ASTRO’s fan meeting has been sold out in the first round of selling thanks to the enthusiastic support of fans,” their agency, Fantagio Music, stated. Tickets for the event went on sale for the general public on January 30. It followed the fan club pre-sale which took place on January 28.

Photo from Fantagio Music

“They are preparing various stages and programs for the event to repay their fans’ love. Since it’s only been a year after their last fan meeting, ASTRO’s frank talk will serve as a venue for communication between the six members and fans,” they added.


The group has released additional posters for their fan meeting, including solo teaser photos of the six members posing as secret agents. The fun and quirky concept won fans over and has raised expectations for the fan meeting.

The fan meeting event will take place on March 2 at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Seoul. There will be two time slots for the event, the first at 2 PM and the other at 7 PM. According to the poster, both will have different storytelling sessions, as well.

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