ASTRO To Deliver Fans A Year-End Gift With The Song “We Still (Be With U)”

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ASTRO bid 2020 farewell by expressing their love for AROHA, releasing a fan-dedicated track called “We Still (Be With U)”!

ASTRO continue sending their fandom AROHA love, delivering one last year-end gift with a new digital single called “We Still (Be With U”). The song is a re-arrangement of ASTRO’s pre-existing track “We Still”, off of their seventh mini-album Gateway.

The new arrangement will be fitting for the winter season and will send an even warmer and more emotional message to fans than the original song.


In particular, “We Still (Be With U)” will focus on the key phrase of its subtitle “Be With U”. In this manner, the track will convey that “ASTRO is always with fans and will always be with them in the future”. The song meaningfully represents the group’s relationship with their fandom, AROHA.

Additionally, all six members of ASTRO participated in the track’s creation despite their busy schedules. From the planning stage, narration comments, and special video compilations for the track, ASTRO actively engaged at every step of the creation process. In this manner, the song is a direct communication of the members’ hearts and thoughts.

In regards to the release, ASTRO’s agency Fantagio stated, “The digital single ‘We Still (Be With U)’ contains ASTRO’s heart, cheering for everyone who had a hard year. Please pay a lot of attention to ASTRO’s activities next year. They will wrap up 2020 happily with this song.”

Meanwhile, the members spent an eventful 2020 with fans. From the release of their seventh mini-album Gateway, the group also debuted their first sub-unit of members Sanha and Moonbin. Moreover, the members delighted fans with individual activities. From acting in dramas and musicals to MC’ing, ASTRO spent the year showing off their many talents.

“We Still (Be With U)” will release across various music platforms on December 31 at 6 PM KST.

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Image Source: Fantagio