ATEEZ And Kim Jongkook To Release Collaboration Project Album “Season Songs”

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ATEEZ and Kim Jongkook’s will finally unveil their collaboration album, Season Songs, to the anticipation of fans.

ATEEZ and Kim Jongkook raised immense excitement for their second collaboration. Following his appearance in ATEEZ’s “Black Cat Nero” cover performance video, Kim Jongkook worked with the rising superstar idols once again. Now, the artists’ collaboration album, Season Songs, officially releases today.


Ahead of its release, the artists delivered a music video teaser for the album’s title track, “Do You Want To Go See The Sea?”, summoning even more enthusiasm for the project. During the video, ATEEZ gift fans with the refreshing summer comeback many ATINYs yearned for since their title track, “WAVE”.

In the video, the members appear with ice cream treats amidst the heat of the sun, surrounding the camera in a circle. ATEEZ displays their boyish charms wearing bold colors, patterns, and accessories fit for the summer season. Moreover, the group shows their camaraderie, delivering bright grins to the camera, adding to the teaser’s cheerful atmosphere.

Kim Jongkook joins the artists at the end of the video for a brief teaser of the track’s choreography and melody, boasting sweet vocals. The playful dance moves and joyful instrumentals only raise higher expectations for the artists’ album together.

Season Songs is an album that will highlight the solidarity between senior and junior artists. It will resonate with listeners from all generations as the industry icon Kim Jongkook, meets with next-generation star, ATEEZ.

The album contains three tracks including, “Do You Want To Go See The Sea?”, “White Love”, and “Black Cat Nero”, providing tracks for the feelings of the seasons.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ and Kim Jongkook’s collaboration, Season Songs, will release across various music sites today at 6 PM KST.

Source: Newsen

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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