ATEEZ Are Selected As K-Pop Radar’s Artist Of The Month

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ATEEZ is selected as K-pop Radar’s ‘Artist of Month’, pointing to the group’s March achievements as evidence of their “endless potential”!

ATEEZ was selected as K-Pop Radar’s artist of the month, highlighting the group’s impressive achievements during March. The group, who made their comeback with ZERO: FEVER Part 2, displayed their immense global demand, shattering various sales and viewing records. 


In particular, K-Pop radar noted, “ATEEZ’s ‘Fireworks’ music video gained five million views in 15 hours and 10 million in 47 hours”. Furthermore, with this release, ATEEZ broke their own sales record with 300,000 copies sold. Additionally, ATEEZ’s Twitter followers increased by 113,000 users, totalling over 2.17 million followers. 

The results are evidence enough, proving ATEEZ’s leading position among fourth-generation groups. The group boasts an ever-expansive worldwide fandom, continually driven to greater numbers with the members’ sincere communication with fans. The group’s Instagram followers surpassed four million, while ATEEZ’s YouTube channel is on the cusp of two million subscribers. 

K-Pop radar stated, “Since the group was recognized abroad first by their performance, we are looking forward to seeing their performance through Mnet’s Kingdom. The group has endless potential for future growth.”

Space Oddity founded K-Pop Radar as a free service for fans. The database provides information regarding artists’ fandom size and the changing trends of K-Pop. 570 teams in Korea provide real-time numbers regarding music video views, YouTube subscribers, and Twitter and Instagram followers. Moreover, the database releases a “K-Pop World Map” annually, delivering statistics to dedicated fans. 

Last year, K-Pop Radar signed an official agreement with Twitter to reveal K-Pop’s growth graph over ten years, as well as information on its current status for the platform. 

Meanwhile, fans can continue keeping up with ATEEZ during Mnet’s Kingdom, and Imitation airing this May. 

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Image and Video Source: K-Pop Radar | Mnet K-POP