ATEEZ Celebrates One Million Followers + Teases Possible Comeback During Twitter Blueroom Q & A

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Commemorating one million followers on Twitter, Ateez hosted a Twitter Blueroom question and answer session to thank fans and hints a possible music comeback!

With just over a year following their debut, ATEEZ quickly solidifies themselves as an unstoppable force in the K-pop industry. While this feat is not easily achieved by rookie groups, the boy band under KQ Entertainment is proving that their sky-rocketing success is only gaining momentum.

ATEEZ has racked in impressive achievements in the past months. Illustrating their exponential global popularity, the band hit one million followers on Twitter. To celebrate their newest milestone, ATEEZ took over Twitter Blueroom to host a question and answer session.

Previously, the members celebrated hitting one million subscribers on YouTube.

The group kicked off the broadcast by catching up with their loyal fandom, ATINY. Each member went through a recent tweet they posted, sharing behind the scenes and details of what happened on the day of the post. For example, Seonghwa shared his struggle to take pictures by the cherry blossoms he saw on the way to practice, resorting to asking his manager for help.

Additionally, Yeosang shared a funny story with the fans, revealing that the selfies he posted to greet ATINY one morning were actually taken the night before because he fell asleep before posting.

The group promised to continue sharing more of their daily lives with fans. Missing their fans even more in the pandemic, ATEEZ stressed that they would put their best effort towards staying connected.

The band proceeded to talk about their hashtag, #STAYWITHATEEZ, released earlier this month to promote social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the hashtag encouraged ATINYs to dance to their track “Answer” at home, and compiled the videos together. ATEEZ took the time to thank fans for participating and watched the video.

Questions and Answers

The boys moved on and answered questions submitted by fans using the hashtag, #ASKATEEZ. The Q & A session showed a strong camaraderie between the artists and fans. Many of the questions focused on broader topics of the group’s work, or on smaller inside jokes and stories shared between ATEEZ and ATINYs.


ATINYs asked if the boys watched their own fancams of performances. San and Jongho echoed a sentiment shared by most of the group – they watch them for monitoring purposes. Watching fancams is a way they track their performance strengths but also any needed improvements.

Leader and lyricist, Hongjoong, spoke about what inspires him the most when writing. He shared that he finds inspiration anywhere. Previously inspired by his imagination, more recently Hongjoong uses his actual experiences as writing material.


To their fans’ delight, ATEEZ shared more personal pre-debut stories. For instance, Mingi spoke more about a rap he wrote in high school about orange juice. Mingi explained he shared the rap with Hongjoong and Yunho, who thought it was cute and unique. They encouraged him to perform it at their company’s evaluations, but he did not go through with it.

Wooyoung also shared an endearing pre-debut story, explaining that even as a child he was known for his hyper nature. Mentioning his little brother Kyungmin, Wooyoung noted that his brother is more well-behaved than he was at that age.

The members also answered fun trivial questions such as their favorite perfumes and their preferred mic colors.

Explaining the storyline and teasing a possible comeback

ATEEZ impressed audiences with their strong conceptual cohesiveness throughout their albums and music videos. Many ATINYs are engaged with their narrative, in which ATEEZ are youthful pirates in search of personal treasure. Yet, as ATINYs discovered through the group’s music videos, the story is not as simple as it may seem.

During the second half of the broadcast, ATEEZ moved on from personal questions to those regarding their storyline, hinting towards a possible new music. Fans have been anticipating a nearing comeback, following the group’s last release in January.

San hinted towards the group’s next project by simply stating that it will be even more powerful than their prior release, “Answer”. Now knowing for certain that the boys are diligently preparing for their next release, fans are on their toes awaiting a possible comeback date soon.

The members proceeded to explain their storyline’s complexity in the broadcast and reveal important hints that may help their fans understand the narrative ahead of their next release.

Parallel universe

Firstly, Seonghwa confirmed fans’ suspicions that there is a parallel universe in their storyline. He remained tight-lipped on what occurred in the parallel universe. Instead, he only stated that their song “Answer” takes place in the other dimension.

Utopia vs. dystopia

The members explained that the world fans saw in their music video, “Wonderland”, is a utopia for those living in it. However, for the ATEEZ members who arrive in that world during their journey to find treasure, it is a dystopia.


Hidden identities

Fans also questioned why the members were wearing masks in the “Hala Hala” music video. The band explained they were needed to hide their identities. However, they kept the mystery intact as they did not elaborate further on why they were hiding, or from who.

The glass box

Lastly, ATEEZ identified Yeosang as a key member of their plot. The band focused on the “Say My Name” music video and Wooyoung hinted that a central scene of their story is when Yeosang escapes the glass box he was trapped in. This moment is crucial for the rest of their storyline which is continued in their following music videos.

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