ATEEZ Receives A Multitude Of Praise From Worldwide Media Giants Following A Successful Year

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ATEEZ earns the nickname “the most rising protagonist of K-pop” after receiving immense praise from various worldwide media giants for their success this year!

Rising powerhouse ATEEZ has been coined “the most rising protagonist of K-pop”. The fourth-generation group received a plethora of praise from many global publications for their successes this year. Since their debut in 2018, ATEEZ proved themselves as an unstoppable force, dominating worldwide music charts.


Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ATEEZ greeted eagerly awaiting fans with various content.

Most Memorable of 2020

In particular, ATEEZ’s comeback mini-film “Diary Film” was named as one of the best K-pop moments of 2020 by the American magazine, Teen Vogue. The impressive video boasted the members’ acting skills while exploring the group’s narrative worldview.

Furthermore, American publication Paper Magazine and UK-based DAZED, both named the ATEEZ track “Answer” as one of the best K-pop songs of the year. “Answer”, from the album, TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer dropped in January, impressing all by its grand sound. With this release, Paper Magazine stated, “It’s not surprising that ATEEZ is one of the most successful emerging protagonists in K-pop.”

Meanwhile, major publication TIME also named “Answer” in its list of best 2020 K-pop tracks. Additionally, the world’s largest streaming platform Spotify, also added the song to its year-end chart.

Hong Kong’s popular newspaper South China Morning Post also recognized ATEEZ. The publication named TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer within its top 15 K-pop albums of 2020. Notably, they praised the group by explaining that ATEEZ makes great impacts with every album, but this release is the perfect example of why they are one of the most popular K-pop groups today.

ATEEZ proved their popularity not only globally, but domestically. In addition to gaining foreign media praise, the group recently won awards during various Korean music ceremonies. This includes the iconic 2020 MAMA as well as The Fact Music Awards 2020.

Fans can continue enjoying new content from ATEEZ as the group reboots their individual YouTube schedules this month on their official channel.

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