ATEEZ Receives Their First Double Platinum Certification On The Gaon Chart

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ATEEZ displays admirable growth as they become double platinum-certified artists on Gaon Chart.

ATEEZ has proven consistently throughout this year that their power in the K-Pop industry is only growing. The evidence? Their organic growth in sales. The group now claims the impressive title of double platinum-certified artists on Gaon Chart as their sixth EP, ZERO: FEVER PART.2, exceeded 500,000 sales.

The predecessor to this title is the platinum Gaon Chart certification, which artists receive after selling 250,000 copies. Following the release of ZEROFEVER PART.2, ATEEZ immediately achieved this certification by surpassing more than 300,000 initial sales. 

Since their EP now exceeds double the requirement for the first certification, ATEEZ has scored their first double platinum certification. 

Here To Stay

In the Hanteo Global K-Pop Report revealing the global index rankings for the first half of the year, ATEEZ ranked second, only falling behind their industry seniors, BTS. The data used to create this list consists of fans’ direct purchases and album authentication. As a result, many eyes are on ATEEZ, who fall in the ranks with one of the biggest K-Pop groups in the world, indicating their own unique popularity. 

Moreover, a sizeable 9.94% of the total Gaon certified albums in the first half of the year are credited to ATEEZ. Sales were high around the world, including from fans in countries including the US, France, Malaysia, Japan, and more. 

Meanwhile, ATEEZ were recently awarded the title of the “Best Male Idol Who Brightened Up the First Half of 2021” on the Whosfan app. ATINY dominated the K-Pop platform, accounting for 28% of the total 700,000 votes. 

ATEEZ’s latest EP, ZERO: FEVER PART.2, discusses the heartfelt stories of the members who equate the feelings of youth to the heat of a fever.

The project scored 150,000 first-day sales and 300,000 sales during the first week after release. Furthermore, it topped iTunes charts in 36 countries for the Top Albums Chart. Tracks also ranked in iTunes’ Top Songs Chart in 20 countries. Overall, the EP received overwhelming support from fans domestically and abroad. 

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will soon unveil their first single Japanese album, Dreamers, on July 28. 

Source: Star News

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment