ATEEZ Shatters Personal Record For Pre-Orders With “ZERO: FEVER Part.2”

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ATEEZ sets the sales charts ablaze with their upcoming mini-album ZERO: FEVER Part.2, beating their personal record for their highest pre-order sales to date!

ATEEZ achieve yet another milestone in their career, breaking their personal sales records with the pre-orders for their upcoming album, ZERO: FEVER Part.2. As of writing, ATEEZ’s newest project surpassed more than 350,000 sales. This beats the pre-order numbers for their last album, ZERO: Fever Part.1, which earned 250,000 sales during its pre-order period.


With over 100,000 pre-orders more than their last release, ATEEZ continues to gain attention for their forthcoming comeback. 

Moreover, since pre-sales began, ZERO: FEVER Part.2 topped daily and weekly sales charts, displaying momentous support from fans ahead of ATEEZ’s return. The concept teasers for the project received immense love from fans, already ranking as high as fifth on the “YouTube Music Videos Trending Worldwide”. 

ATEEZ shows incredible growth after each comeback. Since their newest project announcement, the group treated fans to an official scheduler, concept photos, and teaser videos, brewing excitement for their upcoming album. ATEEZ recently unveiled the teaser poster for their title track, “Fireworks”, intriguing fans with a darker concept in contrast to the initial round of bright concept images.

Additionally, fans’ expectations peaked with the announcement of their official comeback showcase which will air March 2 on VLIVE. 

Both ATEEZ and their fans have a jam-packed schedule to look forward to. ATEEZ will also unveil their Kingdom “Introduction Stage” on Mnet K-POP’s YouTube channel today at 8 PM KST. Fan-voting for the competition will occur on the Whosfan app from 8:15 PM KST to 9:15 PM KST. 

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will make their comeback with their sixth mini-album, ZERO: FEVER Part.2, releasing March 1 at 6 PM KST. 

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Image Source: KQ Entertainment | Mnet

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