ATEEZ To Declare “I’M THE ONE IN MY ZONE” In Their Upcoming Comeback

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ATEEZ treats fans to another comeback teaser, posting an image hinting towards a possible track on their upcoming album!

Following their comeback announcement one day prior, ATEEZ took to social media once more, posting a vibrant teaser image for their upcoming album. The photo caught fans’ attention for the bold blue and green plants, as well as the text in the background stating, “I’M THE ONE IN MY ZONE”. The declarative sentence piqued fans’ curiosity on whether this could be the title for an upcoming song or lyrics of a track in their newest album.


The group posted a similar image for their last comeback with ZERO: Fever Part.1. The poster displayed lyrics from one of the album’s b-sides, “FEVER”, indicating that this new image may be teasing a b-side as well, rather than the title track.

“We don’t need nothing / Come by my side now”

ATEEZ revealed the image across official SNS platforms with the caption, “We don’t need nothing/ Come by my side now”. The intriguing caption summoned theories that it could be a lyrical hint for the group’s upcoming release.

Furthermore, the inclusion of vibrant blue and green plants seems to suggest the group’s turn to a brighter concept. However, many ATINY remember that there is always more than what meets the eye to ATEEZ’s multi-dimensional projects.

Meanwhile, the bold lettering in the image demands attention. The sentence “I’M THE ONE IN MY ZONE”, teases a message of power and confidence in the upcoming album. Considering the many achievements ATEEZ made throughout last year, this would be a fitting theme.

ATEEZ smashed various sales and streaming records with their last album, ZERO: Fever Part.1. Additionally, the group won many year-end awards. This includes achieving the “Discovery of the Year” and “Worldwide Fans’ Choice” awards during the 2020 MAMA.

As such, expectations are high for the group’s highly anticipated return.

Image Source: KQ Entertainment

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