ATEEZ To Unveil Their First Japanese Single Album “Dreamers”

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ATEEZ teases fans with a refreshing but dreamy summer release for their upcoming first Japanese single album, Dreamers!

ATEEZ surprised fans by announcing the upcoming release of their first Japanese single album, Dreamers. The title track of the same name will be the ending theme song of the anime series, Digimon Adventure, airing on Fuji TV in Japan beginning in July. 


Following their hit album TREASURE EP.3: One To All with double titles, “WAVE” and “ILLUSION”, ATEEZ displayed their endless range by steering away from their classic dark tracks, delivering refreshing summer fun. 

Now, ATEEZ will once again prove themselves as kings of the summer with their newest single album, Dreamers. The project includes its title song, “Dreamers” and an instrumental version of the song. The single album will also feature an acoustic version of the previously released “Still Here” and another brand new track, “Blue Summer”. 

The group unveiled the first concept image for the song across ATEEZ’s official SNS platforms. The image shows the members sitting in a wide grassy field, emulating boyish charisma as they sit together on blankets. 

In The Pursuit Of Dreams

The group also released a TV-spot teaser video, providing fans with their first glimpse into the track’s sound and music video. In the teaser, ATEEZ enjoys the peace of nature in various locations of Jeju Island, such as on rolling hills, in the deep forest, and by the ocean. The members boast their endearing visuals in both individual and group shots which display their camaraderie. 

Moreover, the thirty seconds teased the uplifting melody of the track, a perfect tune for summer. “Dreamers” is a song that cheers for those in pursuit of their dreams, communicating ATEEZ’s positivity and hope for all. 

The group will also greet fans with a Japanese fan meeting titled “ATEEZ SUMMER VACATION CAMP-DREAMERS”. The event will occur at the National University Hall in Yokohoma, Japan. ATEEZ will treat fans to a variety of activities including a live viewing through a giant screen and displays of their costumes and props. 

Previously, ATEEZ communicated with Japanese fans through local broadcasts and special programs featuring their live performances. The group continues to find immense local success with Japanese ATINY, as they ranked third on the Oricon Daily Album Chart during the fourth week of March. 

Meanwhile, fans can find all event details on ATEEZ’s official Japanese websiteDreamers releases on July 28. 

Source: OSEN

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment | Columbia Japan