ATEEZ Unveils Eye-Catching Teasers For Nearing Comeback With “ZERO FEVER: PART 3”

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The members of ATEEZ continue to stun ATINYs by unveiling the highly-awaited teasers for their upcoming ZERO FEVER: PART 3 comeback!

Rising boy group ATEEZ made waves once again by releasing a new set of previews for their upcoming return with ZERO FEVER: PART 3.

The group recently unveiled two sets of individual concept photos for few members, two group photos and a promotional map. 


Starring in vibrant and fantastic settings, Hongjoon, Seonghwa, Yunho and Yeosang effortlessly caught every ATINYs heart with their enthralling individual photos released starting on August 26.     

Scheduled to return after 6 months, the boys effortlessly garnered attention as they flaunt their magnificent and refreshing visuals. The summer-themed concept suits them perfectly just like how they were able to nail their previous ones.


Sporting various colorful and fashionable outfits, the group portrayed a youthful and cool image while giving everyone a hint regarding the mood of their songs and their comeback in general. 

Known as one of the hottest fourth-generation groups today, the members were able to display their chic and sophisticated sides effortlessly, while donning unconventional poses.

Their facial expressions and lovely gazes indicate that the comeback is going to be an epic and memorable one. You can really see their growth and their confidence just by how they carry and project themselves in front of the camera.

In addition, two concept photos featuring Hongjoong and Seonghwa were released on August 26. Both boys are extremely fierce on the teasers, which was opposite to the “Eternal Sunshine” ones.

Bearing the title “Deja Vu,” the idols showcased their ethereal physiques while flaunting their jaw-dropping facial expressions. 

The unique styling fit their image and it even made the wait for teasers more exciting and thrilling.


Accompanying the previews, KQ Entertainment has also revealed the sneak peeks for the album itself. It will come in three versions namely “A,” “Z” and “Diary.” All of them include an outbox, photo booklet, CD, sticker, postcard, poster, photocards and limited polaroids. 

Fans should continue to look forward to more sneak peeks such as the tracklist, music video preview and more concept photos as the singers will surely reveal them in the following days just like what their scheduler suggests.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ will release their new album  ZERO FEVER: PART 3 on September 13 at 6 PM KST.

Source: ATEEZ’s official Twitter account

Photos from KQ Entertainment