B.A.P release full MV for ‘No Mercy’

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B.A.P are officially back with the release of a new mini album and the full MV for No Mercy.

This is the beginning of a third set of promotions for B.A.P who just debuted earlier this year. While not as obviously fierce as their previous title tracks, No Mercy is still a powerful song with the boys of B.A.P looking more colourful in this MV than their previous ones. Check it out below!

[vsw id=”MxPb3z76uAY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

 The full tracklist has also been released for B.A.P’s No Mercy album. The groups leader, Bang Yong Guk, contributed a lot to the creation of the songs in No Mercy.

01. Goodbye
Composed by Jeon Dawoon / Lyrics by Min Yeonjae, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by Ahn Sunghoon

02. No Mercy
Composed by MARCO, Jeon Dawoon / Lyrics by MARCO, Jeon Daewoo, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by MARCO, Jeon Dawoon

03. 음성메시지 (Voice Message)
Composed and Lyrics by MARCO, Bang Yongguk / Arranged by MARCO

04. Dancing In The Rain
Composed by Tarmo Keranen, Lee Bailey / Lyrics by Park Soosuk, Inwoo, Tarmo Keranen, Lee Bailey / Rap by Bang Yongguk

05. 마음이 시키는 일 (What My Heart Tells Me To Do)
Composed and Lyrics by Kim Kibum / Arranged by Park Soosuk, Inwoo / Rap by Bang Yongguk


source: koreaboo, TSENT2008

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