B.I Announces His Much-Awaited Comeback With His First Full Album

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B.I is “back on track” as he prepares to stir hearts with some sweet new tunes soon!

B.I is on his way to deliver some awesome new music soon. The exciting reveal was made by the idol’s agency 131LABEL on their official SNS. A simple but striking poster was unfolded which stated that the ace artist would be releasing a global single. Not only that, it further unveiled that B.I would be releasing his first solo full-length album as well!

Additionally, B.I. raised anticipations for the same with his posts on his personal Instagram. The multifaceted rapper-singer shared a short clip of him recording in the studio, producing some new music, and communicating with his staff. 

The upcoming comeback has been much-awaited by IDs across the globe ever since the release of his heartwarming album Midnight Blue in March. The project is one that stands as a testament to B.I’s ingenious musical style.


From his evocative vocals, stirring rap, and top-notch production skills on the album, the artist certainly impressed with his all-rounder expertise which only furthers expectations for his forthcoming release. 

Speaking about the soloist’s upcoming comeback, an official from the agency stated, “B.I is preparing these projects with a desire to contribute to the world through music that he is taking forward from Midnight Blue. He will make a warm contribution in a new way.”

Meanwhile B.I will be dropping his new global single on May 14 at 1 PM KST. He will be releasing his first full-length album on various online music sites on June 1 at 6 PM KST.

Images Credits To: 131 Label