B1A4’s Sandeul Writes Healing, Relatable Words In New Song “Lazy Me”

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“Healing” perfectly fits the latest song from B1A4’s Sandeul which contained lyrics that anyone can relate to.

It felt like B1A4’s Sandeul was able to read our minds as he sang a mellow tune with very relatable words in his newest digital single “Lazy Me”.

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Composed by Sandeul himself, the song serves as the first release from the singer’s House of Thoughts series.

Along with its serene melody were lyrics that were impressively relatable, and it felt as if he was writing a diary entry about his thoughts on not wanting to do anything in the barren reality of his busy and hectic life.

Moreover, the “free healing song” helps you find your own answers as to whether you have missed important things in life because you are too busy “living”.

Through his agency WM Entertainment, Sandeul shared his thoughts while making “Lazy Me”, and it perfectly resonated with the feelings that listeners got from it.

“Don’t you ever want to just lie still and do nothing in your life? That’s what I wanted to portray [in the song]. You don’t want to do anything—it’s not that you’re lazy because you know that you’re unable to do something, but sometimes, you just want to stop your daily routine and stay mindless. I thought it would be okay to take my current feelings as they are and give them a rest,” he said.

In the teaser video for “Lazy Me” released prior, it was revealed that Sandeul recorded its guide track on a mobile phone back in September 2019.

Watch the music video for “Lazy Me” from B1A4’s Sandeul below:

Video from WM Entertainment

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