BDC Shares Moon-inspired Concept Photos For “THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF” Comeback

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BDC exudes cosmic charisma in comeback concept photos.

Brand New Music’s boy group BDC is preparing to drop its first extended album THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF. The artists took the first step towards their comeback by starting their teaser reveal.

The group shared its promotion schedule on September 7, hyping fans with promising contents. So far, the boys released three types of concept photos, showcasing their individual and group charms.

Firstly, the members looked dashing in their classy uniforms and harnesses. Moreover, they hinted at the theme for their upcoming album. Each solo shot contained a different phase of the moon – full, half, and crescent, further stimulating curiosity.

Then, the boys portrayed a more intense charisma in the second batch of photos. The members caught the attention once again with the moon patterns engraved on their bodies. This showed the connection with the previous images and left fans wondering on the meaning behind it.

Lastly, the third set did not fail to impress as well, with the three close-up shots and the black-and-white group image. Just like the previous teasers, the patterns were present once again, having each member in charge of a certain moon phase.

The group is already garnering a lot of attention for its intriguing teasers. Fans’ anticipation for the album is running high, awaiting the full release of THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF. While the days are slowly leading to the promised date, BDC still has more contents to share.

The artists will continue by unveiling the cover artwork for the album and will follow through with four concept trailers. On September 18, the group will drop the track list, carrying on with various previews. Those will include two  music video teasers, a choreography trailer and an official preview.

In addition, there will be a countdown Live on September 23 at 5 PM KST, only an hour before the new album and music video drop.

Meanwhile, BDC will release THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF on September 23 at 6 PM KST.

Source and image credit: Brand New Music