Big Hit Entertainment To Debut A New Global Boy Group In Partnership With Universal Music

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Big Hit Entertainment plans to expand into the global music market by debuting a global boy group in partnership with Universal Music Group.

Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group announced their partnership to debut a new global boy group. The companies made their grand announcement during a live broadcast through the streaming platform titled VeneuLive on February 18.

Big Hit Entertainment

Making History In The Global Music Market

Chairman and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Sihyuk, expressed excitement for the partnership. He stated, “It is an honor to establish a joint venture with Universal Music Group, combining the influence and know-how it has built in the global music market with the new challenges and attempts of Big Hit, I am sure it will enable something that no one has ever imagined”.

Further expressing confidence, he added, “As both Universal Music Group and Big Hit have been constantly pursuing innovation, I believe the two companies will create synergy in global music history”.

Big Hit Entertainment

A Fruitful Partnership

Additionally, the company’s Global CEO, Yoon Seokjoon, explained, “Big Hit plans to debut a boy group that will work with Universal Music Group in the music market. The selection method is a global audition. This audition program will be held with media partners in the U.S. We are aiming to broadcast in 2022”.

Moreover, Yoon Seokjoon also elaborated on the companies’ respective roles in this joint venture. He said, “In this project, Big Hit will be in charge of finding and training artists, producing fan content, and fan communication through Weverse.” However, he also outlined Universal Music Group’s large role, stating, “Universal Music will be in charge of the music production, global distribution, and the audition production with partners in the U.S.”

Big Hit Entertainment

Meanwhile, Universal Music Group’s Chairman Lucian Grange appeared, communicating his bright hopes for the future. He commented, “Universal Music Group and Big Hit have established a joint venture to showcase global artist projects. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of new future the two companies will create”.

Big Hit Entertainment

Though Big Hit Entertainment continues to dominate the Korean music market, it exerts admirable power within the global market too. As a result, many already have high expectations for its results.

The audition program for the new boy group will air sometime in 2022. Details regarding auditions will follow as the broadcast nears.

Source: Newsen

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment | Universal Music Group