Big Hit Entertainment Introduces Newest Boy Group TXT And First Member Yeonjun

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Be ready to add another group to your stan list as we count down to the debut of TXT!

After almost six years since BTS, Big Hit Entertainment is finally adding another boy group in its lineup — TXT.


(Photo from Big Hit Entertainment)

The entertainment agency heightened fans anticipation for its newest group of artists when it released a mysterious teaser on the website comingsoon.ibighit.com on 12 a.m. KST of January 9.

Although some initially thought the teaser was intended for a BTS comeback, it did not take long for people to realize that the highly anticipated debut of a new boy group from Big Hit is coming.

All questions were answered when the entertainment agency confirmed the speculations by introducing Tomorrow X Together or simply TXT, and opening the boy group’s official channels on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

TXT is described as a bright idol group composed of members who came together for their dreams and goals. Also, the group’s name Tomorrow X Together means “You and I are together in one dream and make tomorrow together”.

The First Member of TXT: Choi Yeonjun

Along with the group introduction, Big Hit also unveiled TXT’s first member Choi Yeonjun, who’s 19 years old and the eldest member of the group.

He has excellent dancing skills, and has served as a backup dancer for BTS.

Yeonjun showcased his various charms through an introduction film, titled “What do you do?”. Viewers noted how cute he is, and expressed their excitement for what TXT has in store in the coming days.

Additionally, the introduction film, which has been uploaded on Big Hit’s YouTube channel at 12 a.m. KST of January 10, has raked in more than 4.4 million views as of 9 a.m. KST of January 11.

With the high number of views for the introduction film, people have commented that it will no longer be surprising if the debut music video of Big Hit’s newest boy group will be the most viewed debut MV.

At the end of the introduction film, a Morse code of the word “dreaming” is formed.

The hashtag and keywords related to TXT and its first member such as #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER, Yeonjun, and Big Hit, trended on Twitter’s worldwide trends following the announcement.

More members will be introduced in the coming days. However, the exact debut date of TXT remains unknown.