BIGBANG dominates M! Countdown’s song of the decade poll – so far

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Mnet’s M! Countdown is turning 10 years old this July, so the show set up a poll to see which songs were the best in the past decade.

Voting is on until 20 July, in multiple phases, and ever since the opening of the vote, BIGBANG has been dominating the poll, with Lies (2007), Haru Haru (2008), Heartbreaker (G-Dragon solo, 2009) and High High (GD & TOP project, 2010), respectively.

The first phase of the voting is already over, with Shinhwa (2004, 2006) and Shin Hyesung (2005) grabbing first places, apart from BIGBANG, who also already won the 2007 first place.

You can vote for your favourites once a day at M! Countdown’s public website, after registration.

Do you think BIGBANG will be able to take first place in the category of “Favourite Song of the Past 10 Years” in the final voting?

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