BIGBANG Draws Over 3 Million Viewers For Seoul Final

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YG Entertainment, in collaboration with V-app, had provided VIPs with the unique experience to watch BIGBANG’s last Seoul concert on March 6 live online or through the mobile application.

Although the show broadcast started 20 minutes late due to some technical issues on the broadcaster’s side, fans patiently waited for the show to air. Viewers could select one of 6 cameras: the “normal” broadcast of the concert and the fancam type of cameras following each member. The app also provided English subtitles for international fans.

The show began with Bang Bang Bang and closed with Fantastic Baby, the two major club banger hits. The boys also performed a variety of old and new songs, namely Haru Haru, Stupid LiarTonight, Blue, Bad Boy, Sober, Loser, If You, with interludes of clever short clips of the members, and solo performances.

During the event, the boys thanked their Korean fans for waiting patiently for them while they were touring abroad and expressed their gratitude to all VIPs for cheering on BIGBANG throughout the past 10 years. They have also announced a special all-day event for their 10th anniversary celebration, which will be in August of this year.

The broadcast drew 2,140,679 viewers for the main channel and some 42,440,800 ‘hearts’ (the equivalent of ‘like’) on V-app. Meanwhile, the individual cams recorded additional several tens of thousands of views, namely 697,270 for G-Dragons cam, 170,146 for Taeyangs cam, 268,807 for TOPs camera, 139,174 for Daesungs and 184,615 for Seungris cam.  Thus altogether the show had more than 3,3 million views.

In related news, several celebrities attended the three shows of BIGBANG, including actresses Chun Woo Hee, Han Ga In, Kim Yoo Jung, and actor Hwang Jung Min. In attendance were also BTS members J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin, who are known for regarding BIGBANG members as role models.

The concert will later be reuploaded on V-app in its entirety.

chun woo-hee bigbang

Chun Woo Hee with Taeyang’s brother, Dong Hyeon Bae. Source: Chun’s Instagram

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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