BigHit Entertainment Reminds Fans Of Proper Airport Etiquette For BTS’ “Love Yourself” World Tour

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In preparation for BTS’ Love Yourself world tour, BigHit Entertainment had released a reminder regarding proper airport etiquette.

The agency made the preliminary announcement via social media and BTS’ official fan cafe on August 29 – a week before the boys depart for the first stop on their world tour’s North America leg.

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BigHit warned against illegally obtaining information about BTS’ flight details and using this to intentionally take the same flight as the group. “Reserving the same flight as the group for their arrival and departure from their overseas tour’s stops with information obtained illegally is a violation of the basic fan club etiquette,” the agency stated.

They also asked fans not to disturb the BTS members and staff on the plane, which includes sitting next to them and bothering them in the cabins. BigHit also requests fans to restrain from taking photos of the BTS members and staff on the plane.

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Additionally, the agency also reminded fans to refrain from excessive or extreme photo-taking at the airport which may harm the BTS members and staff. “There are places in the airport where taking photos isn’t allowed, like the ticket counter, airport search station, and lounge. Private areas like Duty Free shops, gate, security zone, luggage receiving area, etc. also have a no-picture taking policy,” they added.

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Photo from BigHit Entertainment

“All forms of photography, recording, and live streaming outside the pre-approved location will be treated as copyright infringement. Violators may be asked to delete the recorded data, or may result in forced ejection from the venue,” the agency warned.

Furthermore, BigHit also asked fans not to follow the boys to places that are not part of their public schedule. This includes the BigHit Entertainment office, practice rooms, hotels, and the like. “Please note that BTS’ official schedule will be posted through the fan club schedule bulletin board and BigHit Entertainment’s home page,” they said, letting fans know that they will be informed of the group’ schedules that are open to the public.

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Overall, BigHit reminded fans to prioritize the BTS members and their staff’s safety for the upcoming Love Yourself world tour. “All your actions can affect the image and future activities of BTS. We would like to ask for your understanding and active cooperation,” they said.

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