BLACKPINK Rounds Up Promotions After Inkigayo Win

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BLACKPINK just cannot stop!

BLACKPINK adds another feather to their cap! Their last Sunday’s win for the second time around on the music program Inkigayo has proven that best things are yet to come for this promising rookie girl group from YG Entertainment.

Their singles, Whistle and Boombayah respectively took the lead over Han Dong-geun‘s song Making a new ending for this story which settled for the third spot.

BLACKPINK’s winning streak began last August 21 on the same program and carried through onto the music program M!Countdown last September 8. This is the group’s third win ever since their debut last August 8.

The group’s month-long promotion on various music programs had indeed left a lasting memory as they had relished every time spent with their fans up close and personal. Member Rose promised for a stronger come back with much better songs for their fans to enjoy in the long run.

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