BLACKPINK Releases Teaser For Special Variety Show Broadcast

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The girls kept their promise and this special broadcast is just for you!

YG Entertainment just released the teaser for “BLACKPINK House”‘s special 12th episode broadcast on BLACKPINK’s official V Live channel earlier today. They are fulfilling the promise they made to release a special episode of their variety show once it reaches 88 million views.

The fans were enthused about reaching the set amount of views as they continue to support the girl group with the influx of content after months of inactivity.


In the teaser, members catch the eyes of the viewers as Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rose invite once again into their lives off-stage, hinting  behind-the-scenes stories of how they prepared for their comeback. Showing snippets of them working out, filming their music and dance practice video as well as other laughter and banter fans don’t get to see on stage, the special episode is shaping up to become nothing but phenomenal. The hard work, sweat and tears BLACKPINK shed to produce an amazing comeback stage is a gift that fans can look forward to.

They made an effort to stand in front of their fans to show their heart and determination to comeback and this is their special way to convey their affection and gratitude to their supporters.

A total of four episodes will be released on BLACKPINK’s V Live channel from August 15th to August 18th. You could also wait for the full episodes on their official YouTube channel which would be released on the 18th to watch it in all its glory.

Watch the teaser below!

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