Bling Bling Begins Comeback Countdown With Spoiler Film For New Album “CONTRAST”

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Bling Bling kicked off the countdown to their awaited comeback through a spoiler film that showcase two contrasting charms of the members.

Renowned vocalists of MAJOR9’s first girl group, Bling Bling, released a spoiler film, confirming their upcoming comeback on May 20.

Bling Bling Spoiler Film

On May 4, Bling Bling (Cha Ju Hyun, Yubin, Marin, Choi Ji Eun, Ayamy, Narin) posted a spoiler film of their first mini-album CONTRAST, on their social media accounts.

The video begins with close-ups of the members’ hands with colorful flowers. Revealing their own charms, the members evoke a mysterious atmosphere.

While the colorful charm of Bling Bling, which crosses innocence and intensity, catches the eye, the phrase “Oh MAMA” and addictive melodies appear, raising expectations for the new song.

A distinct comeback ahead

From the teasers and poster alone, fans are definitely in for an amusing treat from Bling Bling, starting with the release of the spoiler film on May 2.

To preview the music they have prepared, Bling Bling will reveal the track list for CONTRAST on May 4. Furthermore, the girls will drop concept photos 1, 2, and 3, from May 5 to 7.

Meanwhile, another content call question video will be released on May 10. To give a sneak peek on their upcoming album, Bling Bling will release the highlight medley on May 15. Additionally, performance preview and music video teaser will be released on May 17 and 19, respectively.

After their debut last November with “G.G.B”, Bling Bling is coming back after five months matching the concept of CONTRAST, which reveals a chic but feminine look at the same time.

Fans are paying attention to Bling Bling’s new concept after their flashy girl crush performances, that includes the one for their debut song “G.G.B” and their follow-up song “LA LA LA”.

Meanwhile, Bling Bling’s first mini-album CONTRAST will be released on May 20 through various online music sites.

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