Bling Bling Teases Vibrant Comeback Through Colorful Image Poster

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Renowned vocalists company Major9’s first girl group, Bling Bling, are confirmed to make their comeback on May 20!

Bling Bling (Cha Ju Hyun, Yubin, Marin, Choi Ji Eun, Ayamy, Narin) posted a coming soon image poster of their first mini-album image CONTRAST, signaling the release of their new album.

Bling Bling Poster

The image’s mood is both warm and cold, attracting attention as it contains a variety of items such as candles and flowers. Amidst the fusion of colors creating a dreamy atmosphere, fans are curious about the concept Bling Bling will show for their first comeback.

Bling Bling raised the fans’ excitement who have been waiting for their comeback by releasing their logo poster with the album’s title CONTRAST as well as the comeback date.

Bling Bling promoted successfully by debuting simultaneously in South Korea and Japan with their first single ‘G.G.B” last November and the follow-up song “LA LA LA”.

Consisting of Korean members Cha Ju Hyun, Yubin, Choi Ji Eun, Narin, and Japanese members Marin and Ayamy, Bling Bling combines brightness and healthy energy in their way.

After their debut last November, Bling Bling has been receiving good responses from fans in Latin America as well as in South Korea.

Major9 has raised renowned vocalists in South Korea such as BEN, 4MEN, and Bling Bling is a girl group project they have been preparing for four years.

Meanwhile, Bling Bling’s first mini-album CONTRAST will be released on May 20, through various online music sites.

Image provided by MAJOR9

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