BLITZERS Deliver a Delicious Surprise with “LUNCH BOX” Mini-Album Announcement

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Mark your calendars, BLEE! BLITZERS is finally back with new music on June 19th!

BLITZERS, the dynamic K-Pop group known for their energetic performances and unique concepts, have just announced the release of their fourth mini-album, “LUNCH BOX.” This exciting news was shared on June 2 at 12 PM KST across their social media channels, sending fans into a flurry of anticipation.

The teaser image for “LUNCH BOX” immediately grabbed attention with its intriguing visual concept. The image features a quaint picnic basket perched on the back of a vehicle, suggesting a theme that could revolve around outdoor adventures, camaraderie, and the joy of togetherness – elements that resonate well with summer. This visual hints at a refreshing and possibly nostalgic theme, piquing curiosity about the musical direction BLITZERS will take in this new album.

“LUNCH BOX” is slated for release on June 19 at 6 PM KST, and the countdown has already begun for fans eager to see what new sounds and stories BLITZERS will bring to the table. Given their track record of blending various genres and delivering powerful performances, expectations are high for this mini-album.

The album comes a year after the release of their highly popular 2nd single album, “MACARENA.” “MACARENA” was a significant milestone for the group, cementing their status in the K-Pop scene and showcasing their ability to create catchy, impactful music.

BLITZERS have steadily built a reputation for their innovative concepts and the ability to connect with their audience through relatable themes and high-energy music. Their previous releases have showcased a blend of youthful exuberance and artistic maturity, and “LUNCH BOX” promises to continue this trend.

Stay tuned to BLITZERS’ official SNS channels for more updates and teasers before the release of “LUNCH BOX” on June 19 at 6 PM KST.


Image and Video Credits: WUZO Entertainment