Block B Takes Over ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ OSTs On Charts

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‘Descendants of the Sun’ OSTs topped the charts for nearly a month before Jang Beom June and Block B came in.


Following Jang Beom June‘s album, next comes Block B‘s latest track, A Few Years Later, to dethrone ‘Descendants of the Sun’s OSTs off from the local charts.

‘Descendants Of The Sun’ OSTs

Block B has just dropped its new single, titled A Few Years Later, on Sunday midnight, gathering huge attention. The song conveys a heart-breaking love story, which is full of depression and misery.

20160328- block b

Seven Seasons Entertainment

The track immediately dominated many major music charts as soon as it was released, including Melon, Bugs, Genie, Mnet and Olleh Music. Notably, it took over ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OSTs’ position after almost a month they topped the local charts.

In related news, Block B is set to hold a concert at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium on April 2 and 3.

Watch Block B’s A Few Years Later below:

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