Block B releases ‘Be The Light’ MV and tracklist

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Block B has finally made its comeback with the release of a music video for its pre-released audio track Be The Light. The video for Be The Light differs from the group’s previous aggressive and upbeat videos by presenting dark settings and color-lacking fashion.

Throughout the music video, member U-Kwon is seen being attacked, while cryptic scenes display a woman jumping and licking a lollipop. After enduring much pain, U-Kwon is then picked up by the members of Block B. In the end, a person holding a frightening clown mask boards a mysterious black van with another masked man inside.

Block B has also unveiled the tracklist for its latest mini album. The group’s fourth mini album is entitled Very Good and it contains four songs and one instrumental track.


  1. Very Good
  2. Be The Light
  3. When, Where, Do What How, with Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa (Park Kyung solo)
  4. Nice Day
  5. Very Good (Instrumental)

The video for Be The Light is provided below.

[vsw id=”pNtuOrw6mfc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: News & Video: – Seven Seasons (1)(2); Photo – Naver

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