BoA Explains Why She Does Not Want To Train Juniors Or Be Called A “Veteran Singer”

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It’s not time yet, said BoA.

BoA was only 13 years old when she released her debut album ID; Peace B in 2000.

The following year, the young singer expanded to Japan, performing at the Avex-owned club Velfarre, and subsequently releasing the Japanese version of her Korean debut song.

Following her success in Japan, she made her American debut in 2008 with “Eat You Up”, produced by Thomas Troelsen.

After almost 19 years, BoA, who is usually referred as the Queen of K-Pop, still shies away from being called a “veteran singer.”

“Please don’t call me a veteran singer. I’m still young,” she said, adding that she’s only in her early 30s. “I want to sing and dance on stage when I have energy. My joints are still fine,” she said.


Teaser image of the singer’s upcoming single “Nega Dola” (Photo from SM Entertainment)

BoA also revealed that she does not have plans to nurture a new generation of K-Pop stars or junior artists, despite her stint as a judge in K-Pop Star and a mentor in the second season of Produce 101.

“I think it’s too early for that. All of my experiences as a singer will be of good use into the future when I get old enough to train others finally,” she explained.


BoA with other mentors during the press conference of “Produce 101” season 2.

On her new single “Nega Dola”

BoA is set to release her upcoming single “Nega Dola” on January 31.

A reflection of her new approach, the singer described this new single as a result of her efforts to engage more to the taste of the public for infectious catchphrases.


Teaser image of the singer’s upcoming single “Nega Dola” (Photo from SM Entertainment)

The singer took part in writing the lyrics of her new song which she will perform live on February 1 in M! Countdown.

“Nega Dola” is a hip-hop-based girl-power dance anthem, which BoA calls as an “aggressive song” that contain lines men may find unpleasant.

“Some may think it is weird of me to try this kind of music. I’ve been thinking of the kind of girl-power anthem, like my hit “Girls on Top” that fits my age, and I thought “Nega Dola” is a good fit,” she explained.


Teaser image of the singer’s upcoming single “Nega Dola” (Photo from SM Entertainment)

Aside from an upcoming single, BoA will also star in her own show Keyword #BoA alongside SHINee’s Key. The reality show aired its premiere episode last January 22 via Naver’s V Live and Naver TV. Beginning this week, Keyword #BoA will air on XtvN every Sunday.


(Photo from SM Entertainment’s Twitter)

In March, BoA will go on a Japanese tour.

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