Brave Girls Prepare Highly-Awaited Comeback With A New Album This June

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FEARLESS, now is the time to rejoice as your favorite girl group Brave Girls recently revealed their comeback plans for this year!

After conquering the K-Pop world with their 2017 hit song “Rollin’,” Brave Girls surprised the fans with the announcement of their first comeback this 2021.

In the morning of May 18, an industry representative reported that Brave Girls will make their highly-anticipated comeback in the middle of June. They are also aiming to conquer the season of summer with their upcoming release. 

Shortly after, Brave Entertainment confirmed that the girl group is indeed preparing for an album, with aims of releasing it next month. The agency added that they will reveal the exact schedule as soon as it becomes finalized.

Other important details regarding this one of a kind return will surely be released in the following days. These specifically include the concept, the title track as well as the official album name. 

This will mark as Brave Girls’ comeback in 10 months following the release of their catchy and intoxicating 2020 single “We Ride”. The track gained massive traction and recognition from K-Pop fans all around the world as it highlighted the girls amazing performing skills.



Brave Girls caught the attention and hearts of many with their song “Rollin’.” The track particularly achieved a perfect all-kill on all daily and real-time music charts, becoming the only girl group song holding the longest record for the said division.

With the song’s sudden popularity, the group was able to attain numerous achievements, such as closing big endorsement deals to appearances in various variety shows. Meanwhile, member Yujeong recently bagged an endorsement with cosmetics brand BRING GREEN.

Additionally, the group was able to bag their two music show wins with their most popular track. They also achieved a total of 100 million streams on top Korean music chart, Melon.

With these being said, the expectations are now rising regarding what kind of sound and image they will present to the public this time.

Source: Xsportsnews and Newsis

Photos from Brave Entertainment