Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Drops Mysterious “Paradise Lost” MV

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Ga In is finally back with the release of her mini album Hawwah and the music video for her title track Paradise Lost.

The mysterious video was dropped on March 12, revealing several sensual scenes. In the video, the Brown Eyed Girls member is dressed in unique black and white costumes, looking attractive with her blue hair, while dancing to the dramatic music with heavy beats.

For her mini album, it was released on the same day with the music video, going with the biblical concept of Eve – the first woman on earth, who was created from one of Adam’s ribs to become his companion and then later committed the first known sin by eating an apple from the forbidden tree.

The album received positive response as Paradise Lost has topped the Monkey3 chart. Besides, Apple, which features Jay Park, is another song from the album that has reached the number 1 spot on various music charts, including Genie, Mnet, Melon, Bugs, Naver Music, Daum Music and Olleh Music.

Watch her video for the song below:

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