Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Drops Preview Video for “Apple”

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The day for Ga In‘s comeback is getting closer as the Brown Eyed Girls member just dropped a preview video for her title track, titled Apple, featuring Jay Park.

The 23-second video was uploaded onto Gain’s YouTube channel on March 10, revealing some appealing scenes. The bright preview video was produced in the beautiful nature; a dreamy road and a pretty garden that are filled with lots of blooming trees in a lovely sunny day. At first, the singer rides a bicycle, then waters the plant, and followed by taking a bite of an apple, while standing under a big tree.

Everything in the video; from Gain’s leotard, to the bicycle, water hose and apple, are red in color. In the background, the BEG’s member also raises her sweet voice, singing along a very catchy music with the lyrics of: “Because you tell me not to do it, I want to do it. Because you tell me I can′t have it, I want to have it.”

Gain’s coming album Hawwah will be released on March 12.

Meanwhile, watch her preview video below:



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