BTOB 4U Raises Anticipation With Audio Snippet For First Mini-Album “INSIDE”

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Excitement gets higher and we all can’t wait to hear the songs BTOB 4U prepared!

BTOB 4U releases an audio snippet on November 11, teasing fans with short bits of highlights from its first mini-album “INSIDE.”

The audio snippet contains a total of five songs, including the title track “Show Your Love,” “Tension,” “Bull’s Eye,” “신기루”, and “그대로예요.”

“Show Your Love” is a dance song featuring rhythmical tunes and comfortable messages. The snippet for the title song is upbeat with Eunkwang’s vibrant high notes. Followed by “Tension,” you can clearly hear Minhyuk being attractive as he sings “keep the tension, babe.”

Changsub’s unique voice at “Bull’s Eye” was heard harmonizing with Eunkwang’s stable tone. “신기루” teases us with Minhyuk’s calm vocals, while “그대로예요” will definitely serenade fans with its touching lyrics.

Peniel’s parts weren’t heard a single time in the snippet, making fans curious whether the Chicago-born rapper will showcase his singing ability this time.

The first mini-album “INSIDE” sheds light on the hidden unexpected concept as BTOB 4U. It is expected to capture both freshness and perfection in a different way from BTOB.

Raising the standards, BTOB 4U will express an even wider musical world through variety of song genres such as Mumbai dance, R&B, punk rock, and modern rock ballad. Showing off their endless brilliance as artists, there’s much attention and curiosity as to what kind of reversal charms the members will show as a unit.

Meanwhile, BTOB 4U’s first mini-album “INSIDE” will be released on various online music streaming sites on November 16 at 6PM KST.

Source: OSEN, Cube Entertainment