BTOB Announces Much-Anticipated Return With Special Album “4U: OUTSIDE”

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Melody, gather around! Our boys who are born to beat are finally coming back!

BTOB is coming back with more heartwarming tracks with the special album 4U: OUTSIDE.

BTOB special album 4U: OUTSIDE

At midnight of August 12, Cube Entertainment released a teaser image, announcing the much-awaited return of the unit. The teaser image features stairs and doors with sensuous moods that were expressed in opposite colors. Heightening anticipation from global Melody (BTOB fandom name), the album will perhaps present a mysterious charm.

The special album 4U: OUTSIDE is the first album released about nine months after the group’s unit, BTOB 4U released its mini-album INSIDE in November 2020.

BTOB 4U in Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War

BTOB 4U presented legendary performances all throughout its participation in Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War. Along with several phenomenal boy groups, BTOB 4U proved its title “believe and listen to BTOB.”

In particular, BTOB 4U proved that they have an infinite spectrum of musical artistry with acts that exceeded expectations. It is no doubt that BTOB always releases songs that can touch everyone’s hearts with their realistic and emotion-filled lyrics. And performing such masterpieces like “Missing You,” “Beautiful Pain,” and “Blue Moon” truly boasted the group’s powerful presence.

BTOB 4U has such a phenomenal performance in the final episode of the program. Describing their performance of “Show And Prove” as a heaven-sent act would be an understatement.

Specifically, the way the lyrics of the song narrated the group’s journey to fame was heartwarming. And the story of how they stood strong despite challenges absolutely had every viewer on the verge of tears.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s special album 4U: OUTSIDE is set to be released on various online music sites on August 30 at 6:00 PM KST.

Image Source: Cube Entertainment