BTOB chases after girls in “You’re So Fly”

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Melodies rejoice! BTOB is back with its fifth mini-album, Move, after 8-month hiatus with Beep Beep. The mini-album has 6 songs that range from ballad to retro-dance, showing to fans of the group’s flexibility in singing different genres.

The track list for BTOB's fifth mini-album, Move.

The track list for BTOB’s fifth mini-album, Move.

The title track, You’re So Fly, has a lively beat that will get the listener up and dancing in no time. The bright music video for the track has a fun plot, which promotes that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  From convenience store to the doctor’s office, the members of BTOB try to impress their muse by doing all sorts of crazy gestures.

Which member do you think is the best at wooing the girl?

Meanwhile, members of BTOB will be holding their Hello, Melody concert from October 31 to November 1 in South Korea.


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