BTOB’s Eunkwang Names Kim Jae Hwan As His Potential Vocal Rival

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A sweet compliment has been sent by BTOB’s Eunkwang to his junior artist Kim Jae Hwan!

Seo Eunkwang of talented idol group BTOB has recently shared his thoughts about the fiery competition in the music scene now.

btob eunkwang

Acknowledging the growing number of skilled K-pop acts today, the witty and talented idol has revealed his potential vocal rival in the current music scene. The BTOB leader specifically showed his admiration to his junior artist Kim Jae Hwan.

“There are too many good idols now. Kim Jae Hwan is so good at singing. It feels like a rivalry,” Eunkwang said.

The idol likewise shared that it somehow inspired him to improve, saying, “I need to follow and practice that much more and am just engaging in friendly competition.”

On June 8, Eunkwang has made his first comeback since his military discharge. The charming vocalist gifted fans with his first mini-album FoRest: Entrance and the title track “No One Knows”.

Lending his clean and powerful vocals, the idol delivers a hopeful message through his latest song. Personally starring in his music video, he narrated a story of youth chasing after hopes and dreams.

Source: Sports Chosun

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