BTOB’s Minhyuk Adds Excitement In Individual Music Video Teaser For “Outsider”

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Curiosity and excitement surround every Melody and we all can’t wait for the special album’s release!

BTOB continues to serve anticipation in an individual music video teaser of Minhyuk ahead of the group’s much-awaited return.

At midnight of August 23, BTOB revealed an individual MV teaser that features Minhyuk for “Outsider,” which is the title track for the forthcoming special album 4U: OUTSIDE.

Exceeding charisma and enthusiasm, Minhyuk appears in a luxurious sports car.

His glowing hair stands out in the black-and-white background, heralding that the rapper’s presence gives color to everyone’s lives.

He cooly glances on the side mirror with his hair being blown softly by the wind.

BTOB Minhyuk music video teaser OUTSIDER

Moving forward into the teaser video, Minhyuk’s name flashes on the screen. Then, he stands alone between tall buildings while drawing attention with his perfect visuals.

At the end of the video, the other three members of BTOB are seen lying down as if defeated from combat, which further drew keen anticipation to what kind of story will the music video contain.

Meanwhile, BTOB’s special album 4U: OUTSIDE will include a total of six songs. The album includes the title track “Outsider,” “DREAMER,” “Traveler,” “Can’t Breathe,” “Waiting 4 U,” and “Show And Prove.”


Moreover, BTOB will continue releasing content ahead of the group’s imminent return. More teaser videos will be released in the following days, heightening the excitement from Melody (BTOB’s fandom name) all over the world.

Additionally, the special album 4U: OUTSIDE will be released on various online music sites on August 30 at 6:00 PM KST. Alongside the album’s online release is the music video for “Outsider.”

Source: OSEN

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